Sunday 9th January 2022  we wrapped our brand new horror short

"Ask Me A Question"


In a dystopian future ruled by a Social Media Company, two "users" are trialed for breaching the Social Media guidelines. If they fail to convince their jury of their innocence, they will be horribly deleted  on prime time.

A horror game-show movie shot in one take only, now in post-production and due to be released in March 2022.


Congratulations to our amazing cast and crew!


Raindance Film Festival 2021 catalogue is out and we are in it! Looking forward to

The Social Doctor' & '2:15' screenings on November 1st at 20:00 UK time at the House of Raindance! See you all there!

 Two @riservatipictures productions 


Had an amazing premiere for 2:15 at the Dead Northern Film Festival in York on September 25th 2021, congrats to all the fantastic movies shown, and congrats to all the cast and crew for this amazing result!


Looking forward to more screenings in the winter, but meanwhile watch 2:15 HERE

 A @riservatipictures production 


The Social Doctor is now available to watch on the streaming channel Indieflix, one of the biggest independent streaming platforms in the world!

Go and get your subscription, and enjoy our movie along with many others fantastic #indie titles!



 A @riservatipictures production 


Tuesday 13th of April 2021  we wrapped our brand new horror short "2:15"


A girl running for her life finds out that the monster she is escaping from, could be closer than she thinks.

A horror-survival movie shot in one take only, now in post-production but it will be released soon! 


Congratulations to our amazing cast and crew!


Tickets for the London Independent Film Festival are now available!


Go and grab yours now, and join us for The Social Doctor online screening!


The Festival will be hold from April 9 to April 18, and it will be an absolute blast! More info about #thesocialdoctor exact screening time to follow.


 Meanwhile, grab your tickets HERE!